not an educator, but a believer in critical data

I am not an educator.

The more events and conferences that I attend for work make that clear and evident.  I do enjoy working within the realm of education, I’m a full supporter of knowledge sharing and growth.  But I am not a pedagogical person, I don’t think about the theories and constructs of education and I don’t do course design.  I don’t teach.  I like to facilitate learning and help people understand, but I am not a teacher.

I am a data person, through and through.  This becomes clearer the more I try to branch out to do other things.  A visualist and enthusiast of all things data!

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etug reflections… the good and the overwhelming

I just spent the last two days at an educational technology workshop, ETUG.  Ed Tech professionals from around BC came to the UBC Okanagan campus in beautiful Kelowna, BC to connect and share ideas and technology.  I’ve attended education events and conferences before, and I have left those events feeling energized, inspired and excited about what I could take back to my work.  Attending such an events like the Tableau conference is inspiring.  At Tableau, I’m surrounded by people who think like me, who are excited to use data to inspire change, to create awareness.  I am always riding a high when I leave that conference.

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Critical Review – “OER adoption: a continuum for practice”

Stagg, A. (2014). OER adoption: a continuum for practice. RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal, 11(3), 151-164.

This is part of my current portfolio for my Master of Education in Distance Education at Athabasca University.

Article Summary

In this article, the author talks about the challenges and barriers facing Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption and provides a framework for OER adoption that practitioners can follow.  He begins the article by discussing how Open Educational Practice (OEP) is a relatively new concept that doesn’t have enough research-based evidence to support it at the practitioner level.  Because of this, OER use is hindered due to lack of knowledge, as many course resources are commercially published.  The author explains that OER presents itself as a self-proclaimed social good, but again, does not have enough awareness or research-led evidence to support itself.  There is not enough coverage on how to properly implement it at an institutional level, nor are the difficulties that practitioners have at using and reusing open resources well known.

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Damn the man! Save the Empire!

The title above is a quote from a classic movie from my adolescent years, Empire Records.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  To me, this movie encompasses my teenage years.  It’s something I can always look back on with fond memories.  I see it relating to what is happening around me.

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In the beginning


I have recently started a new position at TRU Open Learning as the E-Learning Facilitator, or as I’m calling it:

  • Colin 2.0 beta (My predecessor was Colin Madland who has recently moved to TWU, so we say I’m the new, maybe not improved, version of him…we’re still in the testing phase so we’ll see if I ever move out of beta)
  • eLF (acronym for my lengthy title – in high school I wanted to be an elf from LOTR so it kinda feels like I’ve achieved something by getting to be in this role)

And now what to do with it…

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