In the beginning


I have recently started a new position at TRU Open Learning as the E-Learning Facilitator, or as I’m calling it:

  • Colin 2.0 beta (My predecessor was Colin Madland who has recently moved to TWU, so we say I’m the new, maybe not improved, version of him…we’re still in the testing phase so we’ll see if I ever move out of beta)
  • eLF (acronym for my lengthy title – in high school I wanted to be an elf from LOTR so it kinda feels like I’ve achieved something by getting to be in this role)

And now what to do with it…

My new position consists of online and distance education, along with all of the technology and innovation that goes along with it.  One of those technologies is WordPress.  As a newbie to this realm of technology, I thought the best way to approach learning is to dive in and make my own WordPress site….why not?

I’m not sure what this blog will fully consist of, most likely to depict how I grow in this role and to see where this new journey takes me.  This is a bit of stretch, career-wise, there are moments when I don’t know what I’m doing (Colin left some very big shoes to fill).  But I will say I’m excited.  It’s going to be different and I’m looking forward to that.  I’m happy to be in the supportive community that is Open Learning.

I guess I could provide a background here.  It’s helpful to know where I’m coming from as it will help drive where I’m going to…

  • Graduate of Thompson Rivers University x2
    • BBA, major in Economics (FYI-I know nothing about stocks and financial markets and I don’t care)
    • Post-Bacc Diploma in HR….a lot easier than economics in my opinion.  HR majors would probably cringe at me saying that, but HR is an easy A compared to advanced econometrics and statistics, or writing a 40 page paper about the reasons why the US banking system drove the country into such a big recession.
  • Started from the bottom now I’m here (sorry)
    • Started “officially” working at TRU in 2009, first as a work study student, then a co-op student and a whole bunch of other interesting, fascinating and boring roles to get to this point
  • Tableau addict/junkie…whatever you want to call it
    • Certifiably Tableau (Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate)
    • Data visualization is my passion and helping people see and understand data is like my version of Christmas morning
  • Small town girl living in a lonely world
    •  A town so small some people think it’s just a giant house (100 Mile House to be exact)
    • Middle child that acts like she’s the oldest
    • Blonde, blue eyed….definitely have to prove my intelligence to the academics time and again due to such characteristics…the glasses help
    • Voted most eccentric in high school…something tells me it still holds true
    • Just beginning the 30s chapter in my life, and I’m looking forward to it
    • Cat lover extraordinaire!  If you had a cat as adorable and loving as mine, you would be too…introducing Teddy (he has his own Instagram if you’re interested… teddy_the_magnificat)


I think that is all for now…looking forward to seeing where this takes me!


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